MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)

“MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)”-
We will help you to enjoy studying
Instructor based learning ensuring a strong foundation
We know result matters
We help your Child Deliver Great Results in School and throughout Life.
MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)
Build your child’s critical thinking mindset

Give your child an Academic Edge.
Builds Critical thinking Mindset.

Helps to boost your child’s Self Confidence.
What is covered in MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)?
Standardized audio visual content & experiential learning provided by qualified teachers. .
MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions) Learning Philosophy
High-tech branded coaching classes, where children can follow fundamental concepts.
Audio Visual (Content)

At MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions), a child learns in a much more contextual and visual way, as opposed to conventional tuitions. This expedites the process of learning for the child along with making it a fun experience which a child enjoys. Here, complex most concepts can also be easily understood. This helps in easy and fast memorizing of the concepts for exam preparation.

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Standardized Content & Delivery Mechanism

The Content which the child learns at MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)is a standardized content prepared by India`s best academicians and certified Mindhour Teachers. The content is highly simplified to make it really effective. While in normal tuition, a single teacher might make the content, which can be restricted to his knowledge and hence sub-standard, Content at Mindhour is supervised by a group of IIT graduates before it qualifies.

Do & learn (Experiential Learning)

At Mindhour Classes(Techno Tuitions), children are given hands on experiences in some of most fundamental concepts of science. So, the children learn by doing and observing. When a child can feel and see a concept, he tends to remember it for a very long period of time. Thus, Learning becomes effortless and obvious.

Parent App (A tracking tool for parents)

In today`s world of competition, where parents have become awfully cautious about their children, they have grown busier too. Mindhour's Parent App helps the parent understand their child's progress and regularity in studies. Available on Android, this is a tool that helps the parent realize the impact the classes(Techno Tuitions) are making on the child and how they are benefiting from the Classes(Techno Tuitions).


While Tuitions have always been a burden for children. Mindhour classes are much more fun. A place where children would love to be. These classes are a different experience of learning all together. For different activities (ex: tests, birthdays, quizzes, etc), children get points (like in games) which they can accumulate and redeem for several exciting brand-coupons or discount vouchers. It becomes a Learning community where children learn their syllabus not just from the teacher but amongst themselves too in a burden-free, playful way.

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Overall personality Development

Mindhour organizes many Free webinars for all their MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)(and their children). PAN India. These are very useful and interactive sessions by India’s prominent personalities. This exclusive Exposure helps in child`s overall personality development and growth.

Mentors (as opposed to teachers)

The teachers at MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions)are not normal teachers, their roles go beyond. These teachers are trained to be mentors and not just mere teachers. These mentors provide time-to-time, need based counseling to children, understanding them better in all aspects of life. They converts a child`s weakness into his strengths, his fears into his confidence and his frustrations into satisfaction.

What sets Mindhour apart from any other tuitions or program?
Let’s look at some distinct factors which make Mindhour exclusive and superior than other conventional tuition centres.

Structured & Technology driven Tuitions


Trained & Certified Mindhour Teachers


Experiential & simple way of learning


Great Results in School & throughout life

See how MindHour Classes (Techno Tuitions) Work
Watch the procedure of learning step by step.
Dev Singhal Class - IX Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Class VII , MHS Naina Abhani
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Classes(Techno Tuitions) are a Hi-Tech Branded Tuition Centre which not just helps you secure high marks but also ensure a strong foundation for success in Life.

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