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"MindHour Online"-
Your Own Personal Tutor
An ideal after school support for the netheads.
We make learning
MindHour Online reduces the burden as it makes School Syllabus Interesting.
Motivated learning with gifts, goals, points and badges.
Child can spend time with interesting Game Period, puzzle Box and Art Period.
A child has his own place. My Locker, My Diary, My Aspiration.
What is covered in MindHour Online?
A complete personalised evaluation for improved marks.
MindHour Online Learning Philosophy
Observes a basic yet an effective philosophy
Learning Videos

Highly Experiential learning Videos for each chapter, conceptualized and delivered by some of India’s best teachers. A perfect homework help, which covers the whole ICSE and CBSE syllabus for Science, Maths and English for Classes 6-10, and makes them into a form which your child loves to take.

warm up
Adaptive practice exercises

“Adaptive” means it adapts to the speed of the child. These exercises have unlimited no. of practice questions. There are 2 levels – i) Warm up round 1 ii) Warm up round 2. This is highly personalized and a perfect guide for the home tuition. Initially the system gives easy questions and then gradually increase the difficulty level as per the child`s need.

Topic Test:

There are Topic-wise tests for each topic and also there is a test generator where a child can generate a test of any 3 topics. We call it as “Time challenge” & “Ultimate Challenge” respectively.

In-depth Reports

Identifies the exact weakness of the child, where exactly the child is lacking. The child also gets an instant feedback with suggested remedial action on learning abilities through tests and reports.

Personalized Worksheet

Based on the specific weakness identified in the reports, our teachers prepare special Personalized Worksheets for the child. These worksheets help the child to convert his weakness into strength. This work as a great support for the child looking for a standardized home tuition.

24 hours Teacher Support

Tendency of asking any question is intrinsic. Hence we have come up with 24 hours Teacher support for any kind of assistance. If the child encounters any problem, there is a doubt box, where he can enter his doubt and get a reply from our expert teachers within 24hrs. In case the child still can’t understand, he can book a session with our Expert teachers and talk to them On-Call to clarify their doubts.

Points and Gifts

Child gets points on different activities that he does on Mindhour Online . E.g. For attempting a question correctly, in tests, etc. The child can accumulate these points and redeem a gift from our website. There is a gift store on the site where there are different gifts at different point levels. These Gifts are FREE OF COST and are home delivered.

Advantages of MindHour Online:

Internet ConnectivityStudents comfortable with the internet access can opt for MindHour Online, a home tuition, to excel in school results.


Doubt BoxDoubt Box is available here where students can ask their queries and it gets resolved by the qualified teachers.


Mindhour ClockCaptures the active time a child is learning on Mindhour. Thus helping the parents to track the weekly progress report.

See how MindHour Online Works
Watch the procedure of learning step by step
Dev Singhal Class - IX Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
Class VII , MHS Naina Abhani
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Maths | Science | English grammar cbse & icse | class 6-10


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